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We all have them days where we need a nudge, a push, a kick or just simply a boost. I do love a good pre workout so thought I would share my view on this. It's by 'My Protein' which are a very well known company worldwide that provide supplements for bodybuilding, weight loss and general health and fitness. I've used My Protein for a very very long time, before I stupidly forgot my password for my old blog website *sigh*, I did a couple of reviews as I worked alongside them as an affiliate. 

Getting back to the point - if you haven't used a pre workout or you're wondering what is a pre workout or if you generally just want to know what you've been drinking then here goes..

Pre-workout is a drink (or it could be in a capsule/tablet form) that pushes your performance in the sport that you're about to do whether it be in the gym, running track or even if you fancied a jog in the park. It is a powerful kick-start when you need it most. Like I mentioned before you can drink this before training when you're tired and need a little boost or if you want to achieve the full benefits of the sport you're about to do. No matter what you're fitness goal is, whether it's to lose weight, build muscle or just to keep fit and healthy, it's a good thing to be fired up and be ready to make achievements and progress. Moving onto the product 'My Pre' - it's a quirky name, straight to the point. It's £24.99 for a 500g tub and it comes in 5 different flavours. My personal favourite is 'Blue Raspberry', it reminds me of old school sweets and Mr. Freeze ice pops.  It is quite sweet but I wouldn't expect anything less. I've used this pretty much every time I've worked out and it does give you a boost, it takes roughly 20-30 minutes to kick in so I would advise to drink this 30 minutes before your exercise.

You take 1-2 scoops and mix each scoop with 300-400ml of cold water and drink. It does advise this amount however personally I mix 2 scoops with 200-250ml so it's more of a shot. The reason I drink less water is because I don't really fancy the thought of drinking nearly a pint of water just before a workout. I prefer a quick shot and it's done, it doesn't bloat you has much and it's more concentrated - BOOM it's gone! I would advise also to start with 1 scoop if you're new to this just so that you can access your tolerance and see if you like it.
It does exactly what it says in the tub. Each any everyone will react differently, some people do experience a tingling sensation, a lot more energetic than others, some might experience light shakes just after drinking it but it does wear off. Don't worry as well, you won't experience a massive come down where you feel like you're absolutely exhausted. With myself, I literally just go back to normal and as I was before I took the pre workout. It doesn't affect your mood apart from you feel absolutely PUMPED after drinking it *giggle*

Have you tried pre workout before or would you try it now? 

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