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Today was another day where I can shout PB! I did it, can't believe it, 110KG deadlift. I was pumped, I was ready to do this. Bare in mind - my diet hasn't been the best, *I have been licking a spoon of Nutella several times this weekend* yes, you're allowed to slap me on the wrist. I even hit this PB when I was extremely ill all week. Nothing stops anyone if you put your mind to it and you have a good boyfriend and a good pre-workout. You do need to fuel yourself up when you want to progress in weight with dead lifts. Good sleep the night before, good breakfast (and lunch, depending when you train) and you're good to go.
I do have a goal to progress, to lift heavier, to become more leaner so hopefully this blog will show you reviews and personal progression through the weeks/months of me training. I'll also post reviews of supplements - products - fashion and beauty products along the way. 

If you're wondering who the beautiful gent is in the picture above, he's not only my boyfriend and best friend but he's the best personal trainer, coach and bodybuilder. I'm not being biased but he's amazing at what he does and he looks afters his clients extremely well and makes sure everyone progresses. You could pop him a follow too on his Instagram - 'JamesUFitness'.
It was only two weeks ago that I hit a 'PB' of 80KG of two reps on a deadlift however has a warm up - I warmed myself up by doing 40KG - 15 reps, 60KG - 10 reps, 80KG - 10 reps, 100KG - 2 reps and then BOOM.. 110KG - single rep. I did try to aim for 120KG originally, however I did attempt the 120KG deadlift but I didn't quite have it in me, but to add on 30KG weight in just two weeks and one week of not training at all due to me being extremely ill, I think that's pretty impressive. I will be working my way up to make sure I continuously progress and achieve.

It was a productive Sunday and now it's off to get ready for the Christmas Markets with my team!

What are your personal bests? 
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