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Monday night finally arrived yesterday - I was absolutely starving, not quite sure why I was so hungry but then I realised that my body was in repair mode because of Sunday's deadlift session and my body was craving carbs. If you beat your body up and do a strenuous activity then your body will automatically crave types of food so it can heal. When we reached home, I was craving all kinds of foods but thought let's have some salmon and a lemon and olive oil salad *Ohhh yeahhhh*. Lemon and salmon is such a great combination, to be exact it was actually salmon with Ginger and Soy. ASDA messed up my order because originally I wanted Sweet Chilli Salmon but they delivered Ginger and Soy which I was sceptical about but however it was amazing! 
I fried the salmon in Coconut Oil (spray) and it was simple. I made sure the skin on the salmon was extra crispy otherwise I wouldn't have eaten it. It was possible it was slightly burned *ooops*. Added a few tomatoes - can't go wrong with tomatoes, crispy salad and salt & black pepper, there you go - FINITO! Please excuse the floppy flower in the background. Not quite done a review post yet but it will be tomorrow - keep your eyes peeled!

How was your Monday Blues? ♥
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