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HAPPY HUMP DAY! Especially if you're reading this on a Wednesday. Half way through the week, it's nearly there, the Friday feeling is slowly approaching and I have the worst DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Not felt like this in a long time. Last night (Tuesday), I did an amazing leg session, focused on every muscle in my legs and as I was still pumped I did a little back session after that - Not the greatest idea but I did it.
Today's review is by 'My Protein' and it's 'BCAA 4:1:1'. 'BCAA', your probably wondering what it stands for? Well lucky for you it's "Branch Chain Amino Acids". Most people like me call it "BCAA" it's easier and better to remember haha! 'It contains three popular essential amino acids – the building blocks of protein that make up the structure of new muscle tissue.' - This is what they mention on the 'My Protein' website. 
During exercising|training, the amino acids become extremely important. With this powder formula, you can reach high levels of "Branch Chain Amino Acids" in a quick and easy way. Amino acids can also be consumed throughout the day or before/during and after workouts. I always make this before I leave for gym or a home workout and drink it during my session. Active individuals like myself are suitable to drink this especially when doing an intense training session.
You can drink this either 2-4 times a day, or like me - once in the morning and then one during a workout! I mainly mix one or maybe two scoops with water however you can mix it with your favourite juice. I have 'Tropical Storm' and oh my! It tastes delicious!. It is spot on the taste haha! Fruity and perfect.
There's two flavours at the moment on the website - 'Berry Blast' and 'Tropical Storm'. There's also a 'Unflavoured' pouch that you can purchase as you can mix this into fruit juice or other supplements. A good combination with this is L Glutamine and drink this during your exercise. You can purchase this on 'My Protein' website in three different sized pouches: 1KG pouch for £48.99, 500G pouch for £29.99 and 250G pouch for £20.99. The size that I have in the picture above is 1KG and it does last you a good while.

Have you tried BCAA before or which one would you recommend? 

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